About The Shaolin Academy

Learn a martial arts style that is right for you. Since 1997, The Shaolin Kung Fu Academy has been one of the most respected martial arts schools in Florida. The 8000 square ft facility offers a variety of programs for men, women, and children. Our highly trained instructors provide children from the ages of 3 and up with the mental tools they need to excel in school and at home. Kids immediately begin to develop the confidence, discipline, respect, and positive attitude necessary to overcome future obstacles and challenges. The Shaolin Academy provides their students with an in depth education in Chinese kung fu open hand forms, weapons, and self defense. Children of all ages are given an opportunity to perform at competitions and demonstrations to showcase their abilities and hard work at numerous events throughout the year. Summer camp and aftercare programs are also offered for children.

The Shaolin Academy also provides programs for teen and adults looking to develop their fitness levels and learn the art of Shaolin Kung Fu. From our traditional kung fu classes to our modern kickboxing and MMA courses, the Academy offers a program that will help you meet your physical goals. Call us today to set up a complimentary tour of our location as well as a free week to try out anyone of our programs. For more information please call 954-450-4666. Academy is located at 20841 Johnson St. Unit 101-102 in Pembroke Pines, next to Somerset Charter School. You can also visit us on the web at www.theshaolinacademy.com and get a virtual tour of our facilities, instructors, and members. Now enrolling new students. Shaolin Academy is family owned and operated. Be a part of our family.





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