Spring Graduation 2014

The Shaolin Kung Fu Academy got to celebrate a very special graduation ceremony on April 11, 2014.  The students received their new sashes after a long week of training and testing and got a chance to perform for the parents and invited guests. Among the guests on hand was none other than Grandmaster Fu Leung of the Bak Shaolin Eagle Claw System. He was honored to see the performances of his great grand students and see the tradition and lineage of his work passed on to the new generation of kung fu practitioners.


Among the graduating class we had a new Black Sash promoted, Hannah Gomez, who began her training at the age of 7. Ms. Yvette Phillips and Ms. Julie Drapkin were promoted to Black Sash first degree after months of rigorous testing. These three ladies were put to the test physically, mentally, and emotionally and passed the test with flying colors.


From our kids advanced class, Rafael Carrion and Julien Casimir attained their gray discipleship rank and are now just one sash away from Black Sash. We would like to congratulate all the graduating class on a job well done and thank all the friends and family for their continued support in building the Black sashes of the future. Special thanks to Sigung Fu Leung for being a part of this special day at our Academy.





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