A message from Grandmaster Fu Leung


Greetings and good morning to all of my students and grand students plus their students who will be attending this very special First Annual Winter/Spring Eagle Claw Chin Na Venue. Most of all a very special thank you to Sifu John Michael Vanegas and his students for coming out to attend this weekend training of March 22nd & 23rd. This is also very great because other Sifus will be present who are uncle’s and brothers to Sifu John Michael Vanegas who will be meeting each other for the very first time in history. So there girls and boys,Ladies and gentlemen it is a very great pleasure for me to meet with,and pass on some of my skills to all of you especially to the younger ones<Children>. This is a very great opportunity to bring everyone together as one family learning and sharing our unique skills with each other. Thank you all very much for creating this platform for me to teach and share with all of you my skills as taught to me by my elders. Respect. Please travel safely during this holiday periods for those of you who are attending this venue from around the nation.

Best Regards,
Fu Leung Sigung

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