Families that kick together stick together.


Why Martial Arts you may wonder… For us, our decision to put our son GianMarco in Kung Fu classes was with the single goal of him being able to defend himself.  In first grade he struggled with some kids in his class. They would do things like take his lunch bag, give away his belongings and call him names when he would tell the teacher about their behavior.  I as a parent, had a hard time dealing with this situation as I wasn’t there all day to stand up for him.  So our initial thought was, learn how to fight and if someone messes with you, beat them up.  So he started at Shaolin.  What we have gotten back is not just his ability to defend himself but a never before seen self confidence. He went from the kid that is standing in the back to the one showing off in the front.  He has made great friends and most importantly, has never had problems at school again.  What you find at Shaolin is genuine people with a love for Martial Arts.  This is why I decided to try their adult kickboxing class.  I never would have thought I would love the class so much.  I am probably in the best shape I’ve been in my life and with a baby of 17 months, I cannot help but to feel proud.  Last July after the Martial Arts competition, my husband decided he would give the class a try.  Now he is hooked and is training at Shaolin to fight this coming July.  Shaolin academy has helped my family get into shape, obtain self confidence, make new friends and a lot much more!  Thank you Shaolin family!


2 thoughts on “Families that kick together stick together.

  1. I really enjoyed reading this! Our son started Goju Ryu Karate when he was 5. Soon afterwards my husband (who had done it 20 years before for a while) began training, and then I decided to try it out. Like you, I never would have realised I could enjoy it so much, but it has become such a huge part of my life, and of our family life. Being able to train together is wonderful. So much so, that when we started to consider a move from our current home in Scotland, to Canada, the first thing we did was look up where the Goju Ryu Dojos were! We knew that continuing with our training was a non-negotiable part of our lives.

    I love reading about other families who do martial arts together. I wish more would try it out – it’s been so good for us and brought us all closer together.

    • That is great to hear. Training together develops a commonality and a bond between the families involved. Continue the great work.

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