4 Tactics for Success – SEALFIT

Now that we are well into the New Year, I thought I would check in to see how things are progressing toward your goals for the year. Have you already abandoned the resolutions? Or are you on target and staying focused? Here are four tactics that will get you back on track with a KISS formula for achieving more success in 2014:

Tactic #1: Narrow your focus to just ONE important thing. Often we take on too many goals that are either a bad fit for our skills and knowledge, are poorly timed, or aren’t important enough to garner our full attention through mission accomplishment. A better tactic is to choose a single major goal in the categories that you are working on. Make the goal a stretch goal, but also doable with the right focus and intensity of effort. For instance, rather than choosing a series of lukewarm health goals such as to “lose weight,” “get back in shape” and “eat better” – you can choose the ONE goal of completing 180 SEALFIT or CrossFit training sessions by the end of the year. That is about 3.5 training sessions a week. By the time you hit number 180 you will be fitter, healthier, happier and more confident than ever.

Tactic #2: Choose micro goals tied to your major goals. The ONE goal should be audacious and motivating, but the micro goals will get you there. The shorter targets involved in achieving the above goal include starting SEALFIT or CrossFit if you don’t train with those models already, learn the movements in an onramp program or with a coach, dial in your nutrition based on the recommendations then commit to show up and put out each session. Micro goals keep your focus on the practical steps you can take right now to move the dial toward mission accomplishment. The time frame for micro goals can vary but should never be longer than a week. When things get tough they can be even shorter, such as tasks you must finish today, or right now! This tactic will ensure that you remain forward focused and achieve small victories which build that confidence.

Tactic #3: Win in your mind first. Learn to see mission success in your mind, visually, before you accomplish the mission. This is done by rehearsing the achievement of the ONE goal visually and “dirt diving” the skills necessary to accomplish it. In our Unbeatable Mind Academy we develop a mental training space called the “Mind Gym” to practice this mental work. When you visualize the mission your body and subconscious mind gain valuable, yet subtle, physiological and psychological cues. These insights prove to be invaluable keys for success when you act on your plan to accomplish the mission.

Tactic #4: Breathe in Positivity. Nothing kills performance like a negative attitude and emotions. Breathing in positivity will ensure that fear and negativity never get in the way of your important goals. It is imperative to maintain a calm body and mind, as well as a steady state of positive thoughts and emotions, as you move toward accomplishing your major goals. Developing the ability to unconsciously breathe deeply, through your nose, will allow you to manage stress levels and focus your mind powerfully. Once you have this skill firmly habituated meaning you don’t have to think about it you can support your visual imagery with positive internal dialogue and emotional state to support your efforts.I hope these tactics lead you to great success this year. I stand by to support your efforts with more unique tactics from The Way of the SEAL, my new book published by Reader’s Digest, available anywhere books are sold. Hooyah!– Commander Mark Divine

via Marks Blog: 4 Tactics for Success – SEALFIT.


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