21 Keys to Living a Damn Good Life – A.K.A A Simple Guide to The Good Life – Chris McCombs

WARNING: There’s nothing revolutionary here.

In fact, you already know this stuff. It’s nothing new, no big secrets revealed, no new data uncovered. These are just the Cliff Notes to the book you’ve already read.

But sometimes in life something gets lost in translation between knowing and doing…  life’s little dramas pull us in and we forget the important stuff.

We need to remember what we know, and if you’re anything like me, you can use all the reminders you can get.

So I present to you…

 21 Keys to Living a Damn Good Life…

1. Remove the clutter from your life, the stuff that’s holding you back. Get rid of the vampires, the unnecessary possessions and 80% of the shit on your to-do list. You’re better off without it.

2. Do new things and experience new realities. There’s a whole big world out there, but there’s only so much you can see from your clouded little bubble. Without some kind of expansion, the bubble hinders your perception and keeps you stuck in your ways, and those ways will no longer nourish you.

3. Have lots of sex, even if it’s with yourself. Don’t get too carried away though.

4. Be cool to people; the asshole is never happy and is always just surrounded by other assholes.

5. Do work you love; it’s hard to unleash your inner badass on the world if you’re stuck behind the desk of dislike, slowly trading away your soul with each deal, each phone call, each email and each assignment you secretly hold in contempt.

6. Add value to the world. The ‘way of the take’ just leads you to holding out your empty hands looking for more. Give the world something great, and you’ll never want meaningless things to fill some kind of void. Don’t be a consumer, be a creator.

7. Fill your life with amazing people. If you run with two-bit hustlers, takers, and trash talkers, that’s what you’ll become. Want an amazing life? Fill it with people who are living amazing lives themselves.

964542F6-60DB-4FE9-8A9A-474286C71C6E8. Get set on what you want your life to look like, see it in your mind, and feel good about it. If you spend your days with no clear idea of what you wanna accomplish—or worse, worrying about a bunch of shit that’s outta your control—you’ll find yourself the protagonist of your own sad little tragedy.

9. Take action in the direction of your goals; you can only catch em’ if you’re moving. Don’t worry about trying to figure out all the little stuff you need to do to get to the place you wanna go. Just figure out what the first step is and take it.

10. Walk through the shit you’re putting off and are afraid of… otherwise life becomes a bully waiting for you in the parking lot after school. If you’ll just swing first, you’ll see he ain’t so tough after all. Call him out on his game of mental fuckery; he only holds power over you when you buy into his bullshit.

11. Be grateful for what you have, you’re gonna miss it when it’s gone… and it’s allgoing at some point. We usually don’t know when, so appreciate it before it disappears.

12. Move your body every day, not putting in some sort of physical work or conditioning is like saying ‘fuck you’ to your body … and when you do that, it’s gonna throw down on you and dish out a beating you don’t want.

13. Eat all-natural foods, with lots of fresh veggies, grass-fed proteins and wild-caught fish … when you don’t, your body releases something called “now you’re gonna feel like shit” … it does this to let you know it wants you to give it better food. Give it what it wants and needs.

14. Drink lots of water; the dehydrated man is weak, miserable, and half-dead… more zombie-like than human.

15. Get a good night’s sleep… the body and mind must rest. Mix being thirsty, with being tired and you’ve turned – you are now officially a full-fledged zombie.

70AE524C-9773-4A73-91BF-9657D5A0BC6716. Resist nothing. When you resist something it’s like saying “I don’t like life, I think it sucks and I’m totally against it.” It’s misery. Acceptance is the way out. If you have trouble with acceptance, usually it means your spiritual path needs to be stronger – whatever that spiritual path may be.

18. Laugh a lot, especially at yourself. Admit it, some of the dumb shit you do ishilarious.

19. Help other people; life will take note, and it’ll help you back.

20. Question everything. Especially anything you hear from me.

21. Stay in the moment; there literally is nothing else – the rest is fiction.

21 Keys to Living a Damn Good Life – A.K.A A Simple Guide to The Good Life – Chris McCombs.


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