Ninja Tips for Everyday Life


When you’re young, people lie to you and tell you that you can be anything in the world. If everyone grew up to be a firefighter, princess, or power ranger this world would be in complete chaos. The ninja, not to be overlooked, was also a big fantasy of the younger years we spent making fun of the kid who smelled like pee and glue. Here’s how to apply a ninja’s strength, mental stability, and mannerisms to your everyday, dismal, non-star throwing lives.

1. Never announce that you are a ninja or training to be a ninja. The element of surprise is vital.
2. A true ninja will stick to his or her own code of conduct. If you’re an evil ninja, be evil. If you’re a good ninja, be good. You’re morals and values are of no concern to the outside world as long as you stick to what you do best. Do not pretend to be a good person if you’re not and do not pretend to be a bad ass if you’re not. Becoming a ninja takes time.
3. The ninja will gain and maintain a ninja body. This is simple. A ninja body can take many forms; you don’t have to be a gym Nazi. Be comfortable in your own skin and take care of your health.
4. Learn to manipulate your surroundings to work in your favor. Sometimes a ninja is thrown into the wild without weapons of support.  A true ninja knows to first check for escape routes should a need for an exit arise.
5. Ninjas are reserved and to themselves and always prefer the shadows.



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