17 Ways You Know Youre Onto Something Big – Chris McCombs

Some people are just happy to go to work and could care less how they spend their days, as long as those days pay the bills so they can have a nice big television and keep up with the Kardashians.

They could care less about their job, have no passionate pursuits, have no clear and definite purpose and have no dreams…. all that stuff’s best left to the people on the television set.

But others are inspired to something great…

Whether that something great is creating beautiful music, make amazing art, writing books that change lives, building their dream business, making people all over the world laugh, starting a non-profit or  just making the best damn home fried potatoes for miles around.

I don’t know what it is for you, but if you’re a reader of this blog, chances are it’ssomething.

Something that makes you feel so alive it hurts

Something that probably has little or nothing to do with money.

Sure, money might be an additional reward of the something great, but it’s the act of creating itself that is greater than any amount of money this world has to offer. The only thing that might parallel the act of creation would be the joy of knowing the impact it’s having on the world… whether that impact is just putting smiles on a few faces in your local community, or causing a radical shift in global awareness.

If you’re personally inspired to do more than just be another cubicle robot or couch potato with a Budweiser in your hand, then you will no doubt find this list helpful.

Here’s 17 ways you know you’re onto something big…

1. People tell you that you can’t do what you’re about to do. Either they don’t believe it’s possible, they don’t believe it’s possible for YOU to do it or they just don’t wanna see you succeed because if you do, it will remind them of their own shortfalls.

2. People try to bring you down. They sabotage your efforts and criticize your abilities, they belittle your accomplishments so they can feel a little better about themselves, and about the fact that they are not doing anything great, so hopefully you won’t either.

3. It seems as if life itself is trying to bring you down.

Problems seem to pop-up that just wanna suck your time, energy and resources. LOTS OF THEM.

These are mere distractions. Handle them but don’t allow them to suck you in. Stay to true to the path.

4. The only thing louder than your army of critics is your own self-doubt screaming so loud in your ear you’re getting spit on your face.

Self-doubt is a good thing, it means you’re doing something big. People who don’t long to create something beautiful, something more, something greater, don’t get the constant ambushes of self-doubt and the questionable looks from their peers The comfort of a nice safe routine acts as a barrier that keeps those dark creatures out.

But if one is gonna blaze new trails, those monsters are gonna rear their ugly heads and tell you “You Can’t” every god damned chance they get

There is no way to get to Awesomeness without first walking through that dark night. The valley of the shadow of death is located right under the mountain of your legacy.

F2EB0364-E56A-4140-B6CB-4B2A09602EC1No one is just dropped off on the mountain top via helicopter ride. You climb it, and the steepest terrain is those parts of ourselves that tells us we can’t do it, we’re not smart enough, not good enough and simply don’t have what it takes. When your mind tells you those things, congratulations, you’ve left the safety of your couch and found your mountain

Climb that fucker likes it’s Everest and prove to yourself and the world just exactly what you’re made of

5. What you’re doing makes little or no logical sense, but you know in you’re gut it’s what you’re supposed to be doing it.

6. You do not know what the end looks like, you may have an idea, but you’re still not exactly sure. However, you do know that you absolutely love what you’re doing, and wouldn’t trade it for anything in the world.

7. You keep making mistakes, massive ones. Remember, making mistakes is the fastest way to learn just about anything. The man who isn’t making mistakes is a man going no where.

8. You’re doing things that scare the shit outta you.

9. Strange things keep happening that remind you that you’re on the right path. The right answers, connections and insights come at just the right times. Serendipitous experiences become the norm. Between all problems, mistakes and set-backs, little beacons pop-up in the dark and give you just enough light to keep moving forward.

10. You’re called forth to make great sacrifices. Could be financial, time, a career, security, relationships and maybe even everything you thought you knew.  You may even be asked to sacrifice who you “think” you are. This can be painful and scary, just keep with it.

11. You’re constantly trying to distract yourself with menial activities like Facebook, checking email and masturbation, both physical and mental… it feels safer this way.

12. You start to get amazing ideas about what you’re doing when your showering, walking, running, training, meditating or during other activities that quiet the mind.

Your best insights are coming from beyond the mind.hemingway

13. Things seem to be progressing much slower than you’d like em’ to be.

14. You feel like you’re doing what you were born to do.

You know it to the very core of your being.

15. You’re challenged to grow, conquer and overcome some shit that’s been holding you back a long damn time.

It’s time leave the cocoon.

16. While the self doubt screams at you, tearing your ear drums raw, you know somewhere deep in your gut, beyond any shadow of a fucking doubt, that what you’re doing is huge, it’s beyond just you and your selfish needs … and that while you may not know exactly where you’re going, you know that you’re gonna get there, no matter fucking what.

The only thing that can stand in your way now, is an act of God. But you’re pretty damn sure, that he’s got your back on this thing.

17 Ways You Know Youre Onto Something Big – Chris McCombs.


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