How to Dry a CamelBak

For all you active people out there, there is a good chance you have, or have at least heard of CamelBak products. They are the innovative water reservoirs that store tons of water in your backpack. When I was younger, I remember just having the hydration pouch and tube that I would stick in my camping backpack before they got fancy and made backpacks for them too. Well now I have other interests in life too, and one of those is biking. For Christmas, I wanted a biking backpack that could hold water and would have enough room for tools and snacks, but still wouldn’t be big and bulky. I ended up settling on this pack from Osprey that does the same thing as Camelbak packs, but I liked everything this had to offer.

These water reservoirs are great, but the problem is they are very difficult to get properly dry after you use them. So I turned to the Google machine and found a fool-proof method for drying out your reservoir.

First, dump out as much water as you can. Then lightly ball up some paper towels and put them in the pouch and close it up.

Next, blow into the tube and inflate the pouch.

Now, shake the pouch around and get the paper towels to move around and soak up all the water!

Pull out the paper towels and you’ll get proof that it worked. They should be soaked!

It works great! All the water is gone! I’ve tried it with a washcloth too and that works just as well.

via How to Dry and Store a CamelBak (or Similar) Water Reservoir | charlestoncrafted.


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