Hero Training: The Lift an Object Off Someone in Distress Workout

rubbleChallenge Workout

30 repetitions per exercise. Complete  the reps and exercises consecutively while taking minimum rest periods.

1. Hack Squat

2. Kettlebell Swings

3. Chin-ups

4. Med Ball Slams

5. Alternating Push-ups

6. Military Press

Maybe an earthquake buries your wife in rubble. Or you’re hiking and a falling rock pins your friend’s leg. Maybe as you’re trying to get out of a burning building, a beam falls on top of your buddy. As your friend or loved one lies there in danger, will you helplessly be pulling on the fallen object, unable to budge it? Or will you be able to come to their rescue by lifting the object and freeing them?

During this series we’ve been building the strength, speed and endurance required to be able to come through if we’re ever needed. Think of these skills and these workouts like they’re insurance policies with immediate benefits.

For this workout we’re going to be focusing on pure lifting power. While you might think about your arms when it comes to lifting, true lifting strength comes from your legs. So we’re going to be concentrating on two powerful exercises: the deadlift and the hack squat.

For the deadlift, we’re going to be using a lower rep count and lifting a heavier weight. This will improve our power more than anything. But be sure to use proper form as it’s easy to injure yourself with the heavier weight.

For the remainder of the workout we’re going to be doing a challenge workout to improve our muscular endurance.


Deadlifts – 5 sets of 3 reps (heavy)

via Hero Training: The Lift an Object Off Someone in Distress Workout | The Art of Manliness.


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