Details Emerge as We Mourn Chris Kyle, Navy SEAL Sniper | Navy SEALs

The United States of America has lost a true patriot and hero.  Chris Kyle is a husband, father, friend, and is cut from a mold of a rare breed of men.  Chris is a warrior of this country, defender of freedom, and we shall honor him and never forget.   Even after defending our country from pure evil, Chris spent much of his time supporting other military veterans.  It was this passion to his fellow brother-in-arms that led to his utlimate sacrafice.  I ask that all of us, as Americans, brothers and sisters,  take a moment of silence to honor Chris and his family.  Pray for them and tell your children the stories of our fallen warriors such as Chris Kyle.  I would like to end with the SEAL prayer; Chris, here’s to you my brother.


If I may respectfully say so sometimes you are a strange God. Though you love all mankind, It seems you have a special predilections too.

You seem to love those men who can stand up alone who face impossible odds, Who challenge every bully and every tyrant ~

Those men who know the heat and loneliness of a calvary. Possibly you cherish men of this stamp because you recognize the mark of your only son in them.

Since this unique group of men known as the SEALs know calvary and suffering, teach them now the mystery of the resurrection ~ that they are indestructible, that they will live forever because of their deep faith in you.

And when they do come to heaven, may I respectfully warn you, Dear Father, they also know how to celebrate. So please be ready for them when they insert under your pearly gates.

Bless them, their devoted Families and their Country on this glorious occasion.

We ask this through the merits of your Son, Christ Jesus the Lord, Amen.”

The Blaze is reporting new details on the tragic death of American hero, Chris Kyle, and the capture of the man suspected of shooting him.

Two people were killed Saturday at a gun range in Erath County. Three sources tell News 8 that one of the victims was Chris Kyle, a former Navy SEAL and author of the New York Times bestselling book, “American Sniper.”

Kyle was shot point-blank while helping another soldier who is recovering from post traumatic stress syndrome, News 8 learned.

An alert was issued for the suspect, who was reportedly captured in Lancaster, south of Dallas. The suspect was believed to be highly trained with military experience.

Regarding the suspect, The Blaze writes:

Reports indicate the suspect actually took off in Kyle’s car and, according to KHOU, officials say the second victim may have been the suspect’s neighbor.

Lancaster police later confirmed that the suspect Eddie Ray Routh was arrested Saturday night and is expected to be charged with murder. A spokesman for Lancaster police said officers flagged Routh and took him into custody at Interstate 35 and Camp Wisdom Road after a brief chase.

via Details Emerge as We Mourn Chris Kyle, Navy SEAL Sniper | Navy SEALs.


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